Console Telnet Links

Here's some links that might be of use to developers:

Telnet Protocol

Telnet-related RFC's (.zip format)
Standard and cross-references (RFC's)
PC Magazine: Telnet and Windows 95

Terminal information

Terminal emulation docs (.zip format)
The VTTEST VT100/102 Terminal Emulation Test
Video Terminal and Terminal-Emulator Information
Andrew's Guide to terminals and keymappings

Win32 Programming

Hall of shame - Bugs in the Win32 Console API
Win32 API Frequently Asked Questions
#Winprog homepage

Other Console Telnet Clients

David Cuthbert's Console Telnet (now known as Kanga Telnet)
Chris's Win32 things - Telnet Stuff
Klever Internet Notherings - KINSole
mTelnet for OS/2 and Windows
InterAccess Console Telnet Client

Interesting Non-console Telnet Clients

Tera Term (supports ssh with an extension)
CRT (ssh version available; commercial)
PuTTY - a free Win32 telnet/ssh client


Official SSH homepage (commercial)
SSH for Win32 - lots of links
Cedomir Igaly's SSH Page
Windows NT Utilities - Includes a port of ssh 1.2.14 and an su utility.
Sergey Okhapkin's Windows NT utilities page - has a port of ssh 1.2.22 to Win32.
Secure Shell (ssh) - General ssh information.