Win 32 Console Telnet

with ANSI color

FAQ (2.0 beta 7).

1. I was wondering if version XXX is the last released version of this telnet client software? Where can I get the latest version of Console Telnet?

The latest version is available at

2. I use Console Telnet quite frequently and I was wondering when the next beta is due to be released?

I intend to release betas in a timely manor, but I work on Console Telnet in my spare time. Please be patient and anyone wanting to help out with programming please email me or go to Console Telnet's web page for instructions on how to subscribe to the developers' mailing list.

3. Is the source available?

Yes! The source is avaliable from Please read the LICENSE.TXT included with the source.

4. I was wondering if the console telnet had any kind of file transferring abilities while on a BBS? If so, can you tell me how I would go about transferring a file? More specifically, downloading.

Not in the current version. ZModem support is planned, but it won't be ready for a while. If anyone wants to implement this, please don't let me stop you :).

5. Arrow-down does not work correctly under vi. Only the last line is overwritten. Midnight Commander also scrolls incorrectly and e. g. 'F10' gives a 'V':

Try setting your TERM environment variable to VT102 or LINUX. This can also be changed through the TELNET.INI configuration file. If this doesn't work, try changing your active keymap configuration. If all else fails, please post a message to the mailing list.

6. When I press backspace I get a ^H instead of going back one space. What's wrong?

There are two solutions to this. One way is to tell the system you are telnetting into to expect ^H instead of ASCII 127 (the delete character). If you are on Unix, you can do this with "stty erase ^h". The other way is to set the option ALT_ERASE to true in the [Terminal] section of TELNET.INI.

7. Console Telnet seems really slow, especially in fullscreen. Whenever I press a key everything goes even slower!

You can make the screen go faster by turning off mouse support (Enable_Mouse=FALSE in the [Mouse] section of TELNET.INI) and enabling fast write (Fast_Write=TRUE in the [Terminal] section). As for the keyboard problem, this is a bug in Windows 95. Either switch to Windows NT or don't use the client fullscreen. Beta 7 does work better in terms of speed than previous versions, but there are still problems. If you are using beta 7, you can also increase the size of the buffer, with BUFFER_SIZE= in the [Terminal] section of TELNET.INI.

8. How do I cut and paste with the mouse?

You can copy text by simply highlighting it. This is just like with mIRC. The highlight should disappear, and the text will be copied to the clipboard. To paste, click the right mouse button.

9. How do I get screens larger than 80x25?

Before telnetting to a server, type MODE CO80,43. This will switch you to 43-line mode, which should be really nice for editing files and the like. There are also a number of freeware utilities available on the web for accomplishing this task.

As of beta 7, you can change the screen size from TELNET.INI. The variables that control this are TERM_WIDTH and TERM_HEIGHT. If you want the remote system to be able to change the screen size, use WIDE_ENABLE=TRUE.

10. Why doesn't the "Print Screen" key work? How do I print the contents of the screen?

The print screen key does work. It copies the contents of the window to the clipboard. If you want to print the contents of the screen, highlight the entire screen with the mouse, then paste it into Notepad and print.

11. When will telnet have SSH support?

While the development version of telnet does have support for ssh, I haven't found a version of ssh that is compatible with telnet. By compatible, I mean that ssh should get input from stdin and send output to stdout, so that telnet can pipe I/O to ssh. If want to play with this feature, try the following:

telnet> set netpipe "c:\bin\ssh"
telnet> connect blah