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Oct. 16, 2000
Telnet 2.1b2 released

Apr. 5, 2000
Telnet 2.1b1 released

Jul. 7, 1999
Telnet 2.0 released

Jan. 14, 1999
Mailing list moved

Dec. 10, 1988
GCC-compatible telnet

Dec. 5, 1998
Beta 7.1 released

Oct. 21, 1988
Beta 7 released

Sept. 14, 1998
Announcements- only mailing list

Aug. 6, 1998
Beta 6 released

Aug. 5, 1998
New web page

Console Telnet for Win32

The Console Telnet webpage has moved to sourceforge. Please update your bookmarks to point to the new page at

Console telnet is a full screen (console) telnet client for MS Win32 environments. It can be run in full screen text mode (a DOS session) or in a graphic window. It supports ANSI colors, and has (almost) all the keys customizable. The latest version gets a score of 91 on vttest, which means you shouldn't experience any terminal emulation problems unless you're running a really weird application (compare: Windows 2000 Telnet gets a score of 39). You can also redirect the telnet session to STDIN and STDOUT for use with other programs. Telnet will communicate the number of lines and line width to the host, and can operate in any console mode.

Telnet Win32 is free software, released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. You are welcome to use and distribute the sources and/or the binaries under the conditions of the license.

Remember that console telnet is a group effort, and everyone who makes a contribution or sends in a bug report is important to the project. Thanks to everyone who has helped, and keep up the good work!

A 386 or better machine running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, with Winsock TCP/IP stack. Telnet WILL NOT run under Win3.x, DOS, or Win32S.

The latest beta version is 2.1b2. Please look at the release notes.
Download the self-installing distribution (gcc-compiled binary + support files) 264652 bytes
Download the source distribution (gcc-compiled binary + source code) 242718 bytes

The current version is 2.0. Please look at the release notes.
Download the full distribution (sources + static binary) 282034 bytes
Download the binary only distribution 173604 bytes
Download the dynamic binary distribution 73634 bytes (requires msvcp50.dll)
Download the FAQ (HTML format)
If you want, you may download the latest version (and older versions) from the main ftp site in Greece.

The developers-only version is at: The latest source (all versions) is compatible with gcc. Please see the gcc page for more information.

If dowloading from the above links is too slow, you can try one of these sites (most recently updated sites listed first):

Screen Shots
A login prompt
Midnight Commander under Linux

Mailing List

Note: The mailing list has moved. The new server is

Telnet-Win32 has it's own mailing list for announcements, bug reports, support, etc. To subscribe to the list send a e-mail to:, with empty Subject and the following line in the body:

    subscribe telnet-win32
List's address is

You can also find archives of the mailing list here

New! There is now a new list for announcements only. If you aren't interested in discussion, and only want to find out when new versions of Console Telnet is released, follow the above directions to subscribe to telnet-win32-announce.

There is also a developers-only list: telnet-win32-devel. Follow the above procedure to subscribe.

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